SELLERS PROPERTY QUESTIONNAIRE Property Seller Matter Please complete and return this questionnaire to us as soon as possible. Please circle the correct answers and provide any extra information as requested* If anything changes after you fill in this questionnaire but before the sale is completed you must tell us IMMEDIATELY. This is as important as giving the right answers in the first place. You must disclose all matters affecting your property to avoid misrepresentation* If you do not...
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hi this is Doug at the Doug West group and today I wanted to go over some of the disclosures that you're gonna need to fill out in order to sell your home in the state of California so most of most of the disclosures that you're going to be receive even from us we're gonna send via DocuSign and those disclosures are pretty much boilerplate disclosures that have nothing to do with your property in particular it's the same for houses in Southern California as it would be in Northern California it deals with buyer beware sale a seller beware the mantra of disclose disclose disclose etc so we put them in DocuSign because the fact that it's more of just reading over them and just initially we're signing at the bottom there's closures I want to go over with you right now are a little bit more specific to your home and you're gonna need to read and think about them and answer yes or no to many of the questions so here we have this is called the seller properties questionnaire and this is a generic form but as we're going through section 5 was where they start with the yesno questions and although most of these questions will be know some of them can be yes and it's important that you mark them otherwise we'll need to send them back or it could raise questions in the buyers mind so the first question is within the last three years the death of an occupant of the property upon the property so basically if someone has passed away inside the house in the last three years you're gonna need mark yes and then down below under explanation you'll stay when it happened and I would also add if it was a peaceful death because most of the buyers are gonna end up asking if that's the case number six is whether properties located within one mile of a former federal or state ordinance mm-hmm that pertains to us down here in San Diego near Camp Alton but none of the houses are near a former state or federal ordinance we're actually military training was happening so in almost all cases that's gonna be a known as well number seven if you have an HOA you are located in a Planned Unit development so that will be a yes and you mark simple under explanation the name of the HOA number eight if you have any insurance claims against the property in the last five years you're gonna need to disclose that now that doesn't mean it's gonna be a problem but they're gonna want to know about it and if you have receipts from the work done will probably be providing that as well so maybe you should start gathering those and number nine says imaged matters affecting title of the property you know if there was some some lien that hasn't been taken off on the property make that disclosure now even if it's going to be released we should in case there's ever a problem on that they need to understand that there could be a hiccup on the road so this is the basics on section 5a now 5b repairs and...